Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Landon . . .

Happy Birthday!!! It's so hard to believe that your 12! I remember when I turned 12, I finally felt like I was an "older kid".

Landon, you've been such a blessing to me. I know you and I can be really different from each other, but I still look at you as being my best buddy. I really admire the way you can talk to people no matter who or what they are. There have been times I've watched you talk to people with such ease and admired they way you make them feel accepted. I know you have a big heart for God and I pray that you'll always serve Him faithfully. I'm also praying for your future wife--regardless of your feelings about marriage right now. :) I pray that you'll grow up to be a Godly man like Daddy and Paw Paw and be a good husband and father someday. You're a great brother. I love you Landon!

Your favorite big sis,

fall 2005

Uncle Rob's wedding, Christmas 2005

Great Wolf Lodge, February 2006

Family Vacation 2007, Outer Banks

The Wright Brothers Monument

At the apple orchard in the mountains, October 2007
Christmas 2008

April 2009

January 2010

Easter 2010

fall, 2007
guitar recital, December 2008

We all love you!!!

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  1. Hey E!

    Why did you have to put that picture up of us at the Wright Brothers Monument?... That's a terrible picture of me!